Martijn van Andel

Martijn is the commercial face behind FloraXchange. Besides visiting customers, he gives demonstrations about the features of FloraXchange and he is involved in the strategic decisions around the platform. Martijn is also one of the shareholders of FloraXchange.

Menno van Es

Menno is one of the shareholders of FloraXchange. In addition to his shareholding Menno is engaged in the strategic decisions about the future of FloraXchange.

Leon van Schie

Leon is one of the software developers behind FloraXchange. He daily builds new functionalities into FloraXchange to ensure that the platform remains up to date.

Moelai Kessing

Moelai is also part of the FloraXchange team. She is involved in all marketing and communication activities around FloraXchange.

Mendel van den Berg

Mendel is a financial controller. She is responsible for the control of all financial transactions. She also takes care of the billing, notifications of new growers and buyers and credit management for FloraXchange.

Jefry van den Hoeven

Jefry is one of the software developers who has developed FloraXchange. Jefry develops functionalities within FloraXchange. Jefry is a shareholder, so he is also involved in the strategic decisions around the innovative communication platform.

Carl Grootscholte

From the sideline Carl also beholds the operational activities of FloraXchange. Carl is also a shareholder of FloraXchange. As a shareholder Carl is involved in the strategic decisions around FloraXchange.

Ruud Schuurman

Ruud is the contactperson for buyers. He is also involved in linking systems, implementations and new projects.

Jan van der Lans

Jan is the account manager of Flora Xchange. He spents most of his time to customers to give demonstrations of the innovative communication platform FloraXchange.

Tanja Duijvesteijn

Tanja is the help desk of FloraXchange. She helps you if you want to know more about new or existing functionalities. She is the contact person for growers within FloraXchange.