Propagation materials cutting
Care: Location beware of full sun
Care: Watering moderate water once a week
Care: Fertilising add fertiliser 1x per month
Care: Temperature minimal 15 °C
Care: Consumption not suitable for consumption
Certificates MPS-GAP MPS-GAP
Certificates Socialy Qualified MPS-SQ
Certificates GRASP GRASP
Positive phyto sanitary inspectioncode plant passport per barrel/tray
Pot size 5.5 cm
Minimum plant height including pot 25 cm
Min number of cuttings/plants per pot 1
Thickness 1
Transport height 35 cm
Pot shape container 5 degrees
Pot colour terracotta
Cultivation medium potting soil
Printing on wrapping, general without sleeve
Country of origin Netherlands
Leaf colour green
Quality group A1

Packing configurations

DC 220 - Normtray 20 holes 6×6×20
DC 820 - Verrekencode 0,70 6×4×51