Term offer

To present your offer long-term it is smart to use term offer. You can do this by using regular periods, so it is not necessary to create a seperate line. First you make a price group for the exporter and then you can fill in the term list. You can do this by clicking on the edit icon (three dots) and then select ‘fill in prices’.

You can skipp the articles that you don’t want to offer on long-term. The exporter will see this line as regular offer.

Create a price group

On this page you can create a price group.

You can give a name to each group. Then you select whether the prices are ‘af-tuin’ or ‘delivered’. Finally it is important to add the exporter to the price group.

Fill in prices

When you added a price group, you have to fill in the prices. You can do this by clicking on the edit icon (three dots) and then choose fill in prices. On that page you can give prices to each article. If you want to take over regular prices, you can click on the button ‘take over regular prices’.

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